Industry representatives frequently provide guest lectures to students in the Distillation, Wine and Brewing Studies Certificate Program.

Guest lecturers from recent years include:

Beam Suntory

Angela Brandford Stevenson, HR/Recruitment

Don McGrew, America's Blending Technical Manager

Bluegrass Distillers

Sam Rock, Co-Founder

Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services

Gary Spedding, Owner/Manager


Pete Kamer, Principal, Distillery Engineering, Barton Brands (Retired)

Devin Mills, BoozeWerks

Heaven Hill

Conor O'Driscoll, Master Distiller

Josh Eckhardt, HR/Recruitment

James E. Pepper

Aaron Schorsch, Master Distiller/Distillery Manager


Struan Reid

Old Dominick Distillery

Alex Castle, Master Distiller

Redemption Rye

Dave Carpenter, Master Blender

Sazerac Buffalo Trace

Nick Eimers, Distillery Operations

Lauren Kerulis, HR/Recruitment

Dylan Shoulders, Distillery Operations

Wild Turkey

Sean White, Dryhouse Operations

Wilderness Trail

Shane Baker, Co-Owner and Master Distiller